12. Xiu Xiu – The Air Force

I drömmen talar jag i telefon med Jamie Stewart, Los Angeles, han sitter med mobilen i örat och uppdaterar turnébloggen på www.xiuxiu.org från sin laptop. Jag har inget minne av att jag berättat vem jag är och han verkar inte heller bry sig.
– Jamie, I just called to see how you feel today.
– Oh, I’m OK.
– Because sometimes when I read Xiu Xiu lyrics I feel really sad and worried about you.
– You should’t worry, don’t confuse my lyrics with my life.
– I know, I know, it is a major misunderstandig that an artist is his or her work, but I couldn’t resist. It must be the way you sing the songs.
– Songs?
– Of course, you can call them snapshots of an S/M-diary or thoughts about love lost long ago that you never got over, sometimes they are razorblade scars in one’s arms and chest. But after all, they are – songs. Songs that I can’t get out of my head.
– I’m with you. What about they way I sing?
– Well, ”PJ in the Streets” is such a beautiful track, with your voice almost, eh, touching my skin, but it’s a barbed wire rolled in cotton.
– Mmm.
– And, and …”Vulture Piano” and ”Save Me” are great pop moments, but all the time listening to your voice I think of Ian Curtis, the frustration underneath is somewhat similar.
– Ian Curtis? You push this too far.
– No no no. It really gives an extra dimension to the songs.
– We have to quit this conversation and I need to buy a cup of coffee.
– I need to quit this bizarre dream. One last question. Why is the album called “The Air Force”?
– Because when our fans google the title, they will see US Air Force ads. That way, the Air Force is wasting their money, since none of our fans will ever join the army.
– I think you’re right.
– After all, I like speaking to you.
– Perhabs I call you another time. Good night.
– Good afternoon! It is a hot sunny day here in L.A.


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